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S.A.M. - surface to air missile

twitter: @lunaboards_dev
github: lunaboards-dev

A 19 year old software dev based in Virginia. Specializes in Lua in places that Lua doesn't belong. Works on and off on many types of projects. Likes old computer hardware.

Hi. I'm Sam. I made luna. I also now, as of recently, host the "Whitesands" Space Station 13 server. I thoroughly enjoy games such as Ace Combat and Project Wingman, and games like Titanfall 2. At some point, I may eventually make my own Ace Combat-esque game. Yeah, the dream is to become a game dev. Maybe one day. Besides Lua, I also dabble in C, C++, C#, and Kotlin.
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cool people
* prefetcher, who owns danger/u/ and is working on microworks.
* Izaya, a freetard from the land down under who also works with lua a lot.
* Spaztron64, who does tons of stuff with vintage computing, including the PC-98.
* Ikoe, who probably does cool stuff but I never ask him what he does. :(
* All of my other cool friends with websites should bitch at me to add links.